Care of a baby. What does the babies's broth must not be


Do not append a bay leaf in the soup for a newborn, if he is not already three years old. The like applies to meat bisque: a baby for the base is perfect to put veggie broth, particularly if the purchase meat. As well not suitable for the kids's meals and meats are more fatty foods. It is not recommended to roast fresh vegetables for broth.

Sorrel bisque kiddies let infrequently so alone three years - contained oxalic acid is not very good for them.

Not superfluous to recall that, as a spice, It is possible to use only organic seasonings: dried herbs and roots. Particularly undesirable in a dish MSG and preservatives, so no stock cubes! Forget a pepper, garlic and tomato paste. If tomato and give, alone without the face. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a baby. The grinding puree for child


It want be said that for kids of varied ages meal is crushed and fed into a variant consistency. If you are staying on a purchase variant, it is no issue with this, you should arise. You alone demand to pay efforts to a label: for how old it was designed. It is recognized that these months on the cup - is the earliest age for feeding.

Industrial puree for fineness divided into 3 categories, any of which is designed to feed the kids of all ages:

Homogenized - for infants 4-6 weeks;

Puree - 7-9 months;

Krupnoizmelchennoe - complete 9 months.

If you prepare yourself pyureshki, to adjust to this classification. For the smallest use uniform semiliquid puree and eldest (closer to a year) may not enjoy to mash so closely.

Consult with a pediatrician and consider a tastes and reaction child - is a main criterion in a selection of child puree.

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So to cook mashed newborn


Ricer pick only recent, preferably homemade, and no processed raw vegetables. Wash good wash out and rinse again - better than boiling water. Cover with hot water and cook until tender. It is recommended to cook steamed fresh vegetables or a small amount of liquidity. Of the a water drain, bruise through much, dilute the remaining vegetable broth, natural milk, add to the butter and lightly prisolit brine (though most current advises pediatricians to do entirely without saline). Now, again, bring lots to the boil and treats her prince or princess.

Regarding strawberries puree, fruits here later thorough wash basically just grinded blender. Читать полностью -->



Choose a bed for yet grown offspring will be equally responsible and even a some more complicated than for the newborn. First of all, because by a time you have up in front of a task to take a child bed, he can configuration his own opinion around his personal bed!

Safety factors, organic and non-toxic is not excluded - in this respect, all, similar the range of beds. But many of the options may go head around.

Much good for a newborn's however-called biofurniture. It is entirely made of solid wood - even a inner and outer walls, partitions and shelves. No sharp edges and produce of plastic material furniture - it is mobile and accessible, but the view at a expense of acquiring various, so most experts still recommend a tree. If alone because of wooden furniture important weight in contrast to a lightness of plastic material, and this, in turn, a newborn develops a sense of comparing a sizing and weight of the object, which is beneficial for solving the problems in the next.

A hit a past some years possess been a-bed machines, locks, beds for little "princesses." This is a bright newborn gift, it is fashionable, great and, in principle, extremely practical. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. Homemade or store bought?


Many mums do not even Think about it much about what to give the newborn puree: industrial or homemade. They decide for himself, either ease or naturalness and freshness. But there are those mums that are yet hesitating. And rightly so.

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A unequivocal answer to the matter of what mashed better not. There are a lot of opinions and arguments, and each of them, in basic, is convincing. For example, feed Babe ready puree cans is very convenient: it not alone saves time, but as well the items, because it is unlikely you will make a meager portion of the baby to eat and nothing was left. Читать полностью -->

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